Theatre through design | 7 days with 6 artists creating 1 performance

Can a project become more important than the object that comes out? According to this guiding question, a collective of six artists created a location-specific performance at NDSM Amsterdam under the direction of Marnix Vinkenborg in May 2021.

The performance transforms its environment and explores ways in which meaning can be given – particularly about the passage of time, emotion, collaboration and non-linguistic narrative methods.

The collective started with the question: which emotions play in our lives and how does this affect our art? The artists then locked themselves up in a closed shed for seven days to create a performance in which the boundaries between the personal and the art blur.

“There is no art without conversation or emotion. It’s all about conversations, discussions, and putting forward an idea in one way or another. And once you start, you can’t stop. You have to follow it until the end of the journey. Whatever it costs…”

7 days long. 6 artists. 1 performance.
With Marnix Vinkenborg, Elodie Vreeburg, Donja Darroodi, Yannick Schrik, Bo Bolten, Geraldine Diem