2020: Zeeland – Mindset (actor)

2020: PAVEL (actor)

2020: Martin Malibu: Lidia (concept, actor, music)

2020: Martin Malibu: After Lidia (concept, actor, muziek)

Music (selection)

2017: LOONATIEK (Eye Amsterdam, opening Imagine Film Festival) 

2019: Beasts and Other Animals (MOAM: Ecology & Art expo)

2019: body language (winner best dance film Experimental Dance & Music Festival, 

7 selections for film festivals)

2020: Happy Holidays & Milano Di Manchi (Moooi Amsterdam)

2020: David & Goliath – Theatre Collective Dear T, (Café Theater Festival)

2020: INCUBUS (GLAMCULT magazine)

Performance (selection)

2013-2017: Couleur Café – band (spel, muziek – NL tour, diverse festivals)

2018: WeHeArtSociety – muziektheater voor ouderen (concept, spel, muziek)

2018: Don’t Kill Your Darlings – multimedia theater in Marokko (concept, spel, muziek – FIESAD Rabat)
 2018: Ciro Duclos (performance – Museumnacht Amsterdam)

2019: Opslaan Als… (concept, spel, muziek – ITS Festival)

2020: Martin Malibu (live show: KABK Graduation Show, Cinema Underexposed Festival)


2019: KLIMAX (Studio Gloed – SETUP Utrecht Re-Connect Festival)

Overig (selectie)

2015: The Guardian: Protesters watch Couleur Café perform at occupied Maagdenhuis

2018: VICE Interview: Hit Play on the Maximum Chill, Mind Enhancing Sonic Drugs That Could Change Your Life

2018: Interview Moroccan Agency Press, FIESAD Rabat

2020: Lecture on Brian Eno: chance and association in music processes (ArtEZ)


Utrecht University of Arts (HKU), Composition Electronic Music — BA, 2015-2019 ArtEZ Music Theatre – MA, 2019-2021


2017/2018: Design Hub (Social Enterprise: Kampala, Uganda). Holland Scholarship.