Martin Malibu is multi-talented force whose distinctive music, films and performance carries romantic lush and passion. Martin creates music theatre, art performances and films. His works are inspired by individualism, romanticism and obsession. 

‘A ROMANTIC NIGHT NIGHT WITH MARTIN MALIBU’ is available for booking in your café, wedding, funeral, theatre or museum!

Past Shows:

Kliko Fest, Haarlem (2022)
Cinema Underexposed Festival, Den Haag (2019)
KABK Graduation, Den Haag (2020)
FASHIONCLASH Festival, Maastricht (2021)
WeArePublic, online event (2021)
WeArePublic, Front Row Festival (2021)
SEXYLAND World, Dinner With Benefits (2021)
Slachthuis Haarlem (2022)
Victopia, SEXYLAND World Amsterdam (20.05.22)
Witte Gei’t, De Nieuwe Anita Amsterdam (24.05.22)
Club Extra Extra Magazine, Dutch Pinball Museum Rotterdam (26.05.22)

Martin Malibu – Lidia (EP, 2020)
Martin Malibu – Je T’aime (Single, 2020)
Martin Malibu – Cowboy Love (Single, 2021)

Other works:
FILM Lidia, After Lidia, Marnix & Martin (as seen on Nederlands Film Festival 2020)
THEATRE PIECE De Zomer Is Nog Niet Voorbij (2020, Cinetol Amsterdam)
 FASHIONCLASH Festival, Maastricht (2021)
EXHIBITION Martin Malibu, The Spectrum Space (2022)