Marnix Vinkenborg is a theatre maker, music producer/composer, director and performer.

I compose and produce music inspired by counter-culture: minimal, experimental, avant-garde ideas — electronic music recorded with instruments ranging from swirling guitars to calm piano pads. I am also specialised in applied sound design and performance. I have collaborated with Moooi, Studio Gloed, EYE Amsterdam, Dear T and many other filmmakers, musicians, fashion designers and theatre makers.

As a director I am specialised in music theatre. I mainly focus on the relation between sound, movement and film. Currently I am working on my new music theatre piece Penthouse Pitch and with the cross-over theatre/film/music project Martin Malibu as a performer, writer and composer. Simply put, I am fascinated by mixed media art!

I have performed in film, video and theatre pieces. My alter-ego Martin Malibu should give you a good impression of my method acting style of taking on roles. Other roles I took on in 2020 were Zeeland – Mindset and Jonathan Sipkema’s PAVEL.

Marnix Vinkenborg creates music, film and theatre made for outsiders: edgy, offbeat and unusual.