Marnix Vinkenborg (1997) is a composer, theatre maker and performer.

He completed his bachelor in electronic music composition and a master's degree in music theatre with idiosyncratic visual projects. 

In PRESSURE COOKER he radically tested the co-working process of artists by locking them up in a barrack. At Over Het Ij Festival he made PENTHOUSE PITCH, a surrealistic plea against gentrification. 

With his alter-ego MARTIN MALIBU, he makes music, performances and films about romance in the 21st century, which have been shown at the Netherlands Film Festival, among others. For music and sound design, see the SOUND DESIGN portfolio.

Marnix takes inspiration from underground pop culture, current events and the emotions of himself and the people who work with him.

contact: marnixvinkenborg [at] 

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Music / sound

Inspired by counter-culture: minimal, experimental, avant-garde ideas — electronic music recorded with instruments ranging from swirling guitars to calm piano pads.

His music has been heard on television and radio programs by VPRO and NOS, and has been performed at, among others, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, and during various theater and film screenings.

Common collaborators: Moooi, Studio Gloed, EYE Amsterdam, Dear T,.
ee the SOUND portfolio.

Acting / performance

Performing in film, video- and theatre pieces; alter-ego Martin Malibu gives a good impression of how he creates characters. 

Roles he took on were Zeeland – Mindset, PAVEL, De Dingen Die We Niet ZienPenthouse Pitch and The Last Song of Eternity.

Selected projects

Involved in projects in various fields of art and media as a musician, actor, sound designer, composer or (co-)creator.

Collaborations were with new makers and ao. EYE Film, FASHIONCLASH Festival and Museum Night Amsterdam.

Selected projects:
Penthouse Pitch 
Pressure Cooker 
Martin Malibu 

Pressure Cooker