Work in Uganda

2017: Bayimba x European Union in Uganda
Ahead of the AUEU Summit 2017, the European Union Delegation to Uganda in collaboration with Bayimba Productions Limited produced a 3D motion animation based on the EU Comic, Tesa and Luuka. The animation, titled ‘The Prefect’, has sound design, sound edited and voices recorded by Marnix Vinkenborg.
The sound was recorded with a tight deadline and limited Ugandan recording equipment. However, the video still manages to show the burning need for young people to participate in decision making processes on issues that affect them.
2017: Simu+ x Made in Africa TV Internship
MIATV is a social enterprise that produces media to address social issues and generate impact throughout sub-Saharan Africa. With offices in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, MIATV produces across platforms, targeting media interventions directly at populations at the bottom of the pyramid.
They are providing audio courses through simple (dumb)mobile phones for the Bottom of the Pyramid (the poor and underserved) in Uganda, and soon expanding to Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. As we are convinced that learning is fun, we treat the 4-minute lessons as if they are radio shows by popular DJs at primetime, with all the bells and whistles, to make it an exciting experience for our Learners.
For each course MIA-TV develop a sound library and consequently (in Uganda) they record fifty four-minute lessons in five different local languages, voice acted by local celebrities.
Marnix role in the team for this three month project is enhancing audio quality, educating the local team, enhancing the voice artists performance, fastening workflow and template systems, general sound editing/repairing,  creating radio advertisements and sound for promotional videos and making audio manuals for new personnel.
2017: ‘Synagogue Church of All Nations’ in Uganda
This enormous international church complex located in the centre of Kampala contains a church and diverse overflow spaces surrounding it. In the surrounding ‘overflow’ spaces, thousands of people listen to the live music and voice broadcasts of the church. There were diverse problems with this, from not hearing the drums in the overflow spaces and certain speakers not being audible because of bad speaker placement. I educated the hired audio personnel in live audio mixing and microphone placement, adviced in choosing music equipment and thought of a better system to make the church audible in all the overflows.
2017: ‘ART CREATES WATER’ Viva Con Aqua x Millerntor Gallery x Design Hub Kampala
Millerntor Gallery is an international art, music, and culture festival art space. At the same time the gallery is inspiring visitors to become socially active themselves, all of this by using the universal language of art, music and sports. In its role as a social business Millerntor Gallery supports the water works of Viva Con Agua de Sankt Pauli. Every year on a local, international and intercultural level, artists and musicians and cultural activists donate a percentage of their pay to the vision of clean water. Located in 2017 at Design Hub Kampala, Marnix Vinkenborg provided live audio.

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