Music for Fashion Shows

2017: EYE Amsterdam x Imagine Film Festival x LOONATIEK: I composed music & sound for the opening act of Imagine Film Festival in EYE Film Museum Amsterdam. During the opening act, models were wearing Stanley Kubrick inspired costumes. The music concluded a Kubrick inspired composition with dancable and modern cues for the models, which plumped the audience and resulted in a grandiose applause.
2017: ‘Absent Precence’ x Bobbine Berden: Marnix Vinkenborg composed the piece ‘Absent Precence’ for HKU Fashion Graduation Show of designer Bobbine Berden.
2017: ‘Joküll’ x Lizzy van Megen: Marnix Vinkenborg composed the piece ‘Joküll’ for HKU Fashion Graduation Show of designer Lizzy van Megen.
The three pieces are uploaded here: Music for Fashion Concepts and Shows

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