Theater and Performance

2018: Theatergroep de Koude Vergeling – Don’t Kill Your Darlings Inspired by the methods of Volksbühne Berlin, Georg Büchners Leonce und Lena and bondage techniques, Theatergroep de Koude Vergeling presents a unique 360 degrees mixed media performance on 26 and 27 October in Akademietheater Utrecht. Featuring and made by Evelien Wieringa, Edna Azulay, Vita Coenen, Roderick Heijman, …

Music for Fashion Shows

2017: EYE Amsterdam x Imagine Film Festival x LOONATIEK: I composed music & sound for the opening act of Imagine Film Festival in EYE Film Museum Amsterdam. During the opening act, models were wearing Stanley Kubrick inspired costumes. The music concluded a Kubrick inspired composition with dancable and modern cues for the models, which plumped the audience and resulted in a grandiose applause. 2017: ‘Absent Precence’ x Bobbine Berden: Marnix Vinkenborg …

Music for Media

2018: I’m Fine The 2018 short film “I’m Fine” by director Yvonne Kishna is a raw fictional depiction of bipolar disorder. Marnix Vinkenborg composed a compelling soundtrack for the film. You can listen to the music here:

2018: WeHeArtSociety, live four speaker composition

Based on the story of an inhabitant of nursing home Huis aan de Vecht in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I wrote and played a 9 minute composition. The inhabitants life story about her childhood, life before, during and after war created an emotional piece played live on four speakers in her appartement. Instrumentation: Vocal: Sophia Mutiera …

Work in Uganda

2017: Bayimba x European Union in Uganda Ahead of the AUEU Summit 2017, the European Union Delegation to Uganda in collaboration with Bayimba Productions Limited produced a 3D motion animation based on the EU Comic, Tesa and Luuka. The animation, titled ‘The Prefect’, has sound design, sound edited and voices recorded by Marnix Vinkenborg. The sound was recorded with a tight deadline and limited Ugandan recording equipment. However, the video …

Couleur Café: art-rock group

“Couleur Café” explored the sonic landscapes of art-rock, shoegaze, new-wave and performance: alternative pop-music.  Facebook. In a short amount of time, Couleur Café started performing with the likes of, among others, Clan of Xymox, The Besnard Lakes, Pop. 1280 and reached the semi-finals of Grote Prijs van Nederland in 2016. Couleur Café consisted of Linus Kropp, Marnix Vinkenborg and Bart Groot. 

As a producer

2017: ‘Suyanora Bae Bae’ by Gully Flowers Marnix Vinkenborg mixed and mastered ‘Suyanora Bae Bae indie-rock single by Gully Flowers. 2017: ‘Glandular’ by MILKBOY Marnix Vinkenborg recorded, mixed and mastered’Glandular’ garage-rock single by MILKBOY. 2017: ‘Pale Blue Dot’ and ‘Piggy Man’ by Shunyata Marnix Vinkenborg recored, mixed and mastered two tracks by stoner-metal/black-metal outfit Shunyata.


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Besides recording, performing and composing, Marnix studies composition of electronic music (CEM) on the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU). The bachelor’s program teaches composition and thereby using musical possibilities of technological tools.